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Before Kybella, there were very few non invasive body contouring options, and many of those options were rather dubious in terms of their effectiveness. Kybella has been proven to be remarkably effective at eliminating unwanted fat from around the jawline–and no liposuction or surgery is required, so you can resume your normal activities rather immediately after your procedure.

If you want to get started on your Kybella transformation, the first step is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ogilvie at his Chicago office.

How Do I Get Started on

my Kybella Procedure?

In many cases, Kybella can be performed in the same session as this initial consultation, although that will vary from patient to patient.

Your consultation will be an opportunity to ask Dr. Ogilvie questions about what to expect and what Kybella injections may be able to achieve.

To schedule your consultation, contact our office today.

Who is a Good Candidate for


Candidates for Kybella usually present with a significant amount of unwanted fat around the jawline. This fat–known medically as submental fat and colloquially as a “double chin”–is often viewed unfavorably from an aesthetic point of view. As such, many candidates are eager to eliminate that area of fat.

Kybella doesn’t work for everyone. In some cases, a “double chin” can be caused by excess skin or other, non-fatty tissues. Kybella will not be able to effectively treat this type of double chin.

However, patients who do present submental fat often respond well to Kybella. If you think you might be a good candidate for this injectable, contact Dr. Ogilvie to schedule a consultation.

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Are Kybella

Right For Me?

In general, good candidates for Kybella injections will:

  • Have excess fat around the jawline that they would like to eliminate.
  • Want to achieve a more athletic looking jawline.
  • Have realistic expectations about what Kybella can accomplish.
  • Not be a good candidate for liposuction (or simply want to avoid liposuction surgery).
  • Want to make permanent changes to the shape of the jawline.

The Kybella


Kybella is composed of a synthetic version of a compound called deoxycholic acid. While it might sound a little intimidating, deoxycholic acid is actually something that’s found in your own body; the natural version is responsible for breaking down fat molecules. The synthetic version of this compound does the same thing.

Kybella is performed in office. In most cases, patients will arrive, undergo their injections and be given some basic recovery instructions. Most patients are allowed to resume normal activities immediately after their procedure. The entire in-office process typically takes less than thirty minutes.

Because of the way Kybella works, it may take several weeks for you to notice your optimum results. It’s also worth noting that Kybella will create effectively permanent results, so once the fat is gone it will stay gone. The precise number of injections or total number of treatments you will require will be determined by Dr. Ogilvie based on your desired outcome.

Is Kybella an

Effective Liposuction Alternative?

Currently, Kybella is approved only for use around the jawline and to treat submental fat. In that area of the body, Kybella is a remarkably effective alternative to liposuction for some patients. However, much will depend on the volume of fat you wish to eliminate and how your physiology responds to treatment. In general, however, Kybella provides a viable non invasive way to eliminate unwanted fat around the chin, and in that regard, this injectable can be a compelling liposuction alternative.

If you have questions about Kybella, the best place to get answers is from Dr. Ogilvie during a consultation.

To schedule a consultation and get started on your jawline transformation, contact our office today!


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