Introduction to

Brachioplasty (Arm Lift)

Some patients are seeking treatment from Dr. Ogilvie in Chicago because they have recently lost weight. For others, excess skin has simply formed during the normal aging process.

However the excess skin has formed, many patients will often feel self-conscious about the way their arms look, and brachioplasty (or arm lift) is a way to help those patients feel confident again.

How Do I Get Started on a


If you’re interested in undergoing an arm lift procedure, the first step is to meet with Dr. Ogilvie for a face-to-face discussion. This consultation is a good way to learn more about how this procedure will impact you on an individual level. Dr. Ogilvie also believes in a patient-centered approach throughout the process, ensuring that he spends time educating patients about what they can expect.

If you want to get started on your arm lift procedure, contact Dr. Ogilvie’s office to schedule a consultation as soon as you’re ready.

Is Brachioplasty

Right For Me?

An arm lift is designed to eliminate unwanted excess tissue from the upper arms. Brachioplasty patients, therefore, usually present with a significant amount of loose and uncomfortable skin that hangs down from the arms.

Arm lift procedures may sometimes be performed as part of a broader body contouring plan, but this isn’t always the case, and many patients will focus solely on contouring the arms.

Actual Patient

Before & After Photos

Who is

Arm Lift For?

In general, arm lift patients will:

  • Present a significant amount of excess skin on the upper arms.
  • Excess discomfort–perhaps physical, aesthetic, or both–caused by excess skin around the arms.
  • Maintain a relatively stable weight (significant weight loss or weight gain can diminish arm lift results).
  • Maintain realistic expectations about what brachioplasty can accomplish.
  • Be generally healthy enough for surgery.

If you feel that a brachioplasty procedure would be the right fit for you, contact Dr. Ogilvie to schedule a consultation, during which you’ll be able to discuss the next steps towards accomplishing your arm lift goals.

The Arm Lift


Arm lift surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, so patients are allowed to return home once Dr. Ogilvie is satisfied that effects of the anesthetic have sufficiently worn off. In general, brachioplasty procedures will follow this basic order of events:

Anesthesia — In most cases, patients will opt for general anesthesia. But in some instances, patients may prefer local anesthesia with intravenous sedation.

Incision — There are three basic incision types used during an arm lift procedure. One incision travels alone the outer arm. Another incision type is made along the inner arm. And a third option is an incision that is made around the armpit. Which incision is best for you will depend on the location and amount of excess skin you want to diminish.

Arm Lift

Recovery & Results

Patients will typically notice swelling and bruising for several weeks after their surgical procedure. Once that swelling subsides, you will notice that yours look much more slender and fit. Your skin will no longer “wave” or hang to the degree that it did before. Brachioplasty is designed to make the arms look more youthful and slim–a perception that excess skin can often get in the way of. That’s why many patients also note a significant increase in confidence and self-esteem after the procedure is complete.

If you feel like your arms could benefit from a brachioplasty procedure, contact Dr. Ogilvie’s office to schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience!


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